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11xplay Cricket Betting ID Password: Register, Login and Bet on ODI, Test Matches & T20 Matches

Step into the vibrant world of cricket betting with 11xplay! Registering for 11xplay Cricket betting ID and password is super easy—simply provide your basic information, confirm your age, and jump into the universe of cricket matches and tournaments. 

Logging into your 11xplay betting account is secure and quick, ensuring you spend more time betting and less time waiting. With a multitude of deposit and withdrawal options available around the clock, 11xplay caters to all your transactional needs efficiently. Experience the thrill of placing bets through an intuitive interface, enhanced with competitive odds and extensive betting options. Uncover the full spectrum of benefits and opportunities waiting for you at 11xplay online betting website!

 How To Sign up For 11xplay Cricket Betting ID?

To obtain a cricket betting ID on, prospective bettors must first complete the 11xplay registration process. This initial step is crucial for those eager to dive into the thrilling world of cricket betting.

After 11xplay registration, bettors gain access to a wide array of cricket matches and tournaments, from domestic leagues like the IPL to international championships ICC. 

The 11 play cricket betting ID process is designed to be quick and user-friendly, ensuring that even newcomers to online betting can easily navigate through the setup.

11xplay cricket id and password

Here’s a quick guide on what to expect during registration:

Sign up: Provide basic personal information such as your name, 10 digit mobile number, Email ID, and date of birth.

Username creation: Choose a unique username for your 11x play cricket login id password.

OTP Verification: Verify your identity and protect your betting account with a 6 digit one-time password sent to your mobile.

Demo account option: New bettors can opt for a demo or trial account to practice before wagering real money.

Age verification: Confirm that you are 18 years or older to ensure legal compliance.

This 11xplay betting ID registration gateway opens the door to a comprehensive betting experience with 11x play cricket id, where security and extensive betting options meet user convenience.

How To Access 11xplay Cricket Betting Account?

Once you have obtained your 11xplay cricket login ID and password, logging into your betting account is a quick process.

  • Navigate to the 11xplay com login website and click on the ‘Login’ button positioned at the top right corner of the homepage.
  •  Clicking this will direct you to the 11xplay login page where you need to enter your 11xplay username and password, which you set during the registration process.
  • If this is your first time logging in, you will be prompted to answer a security question to ensure your account’s security.

Once authenticated, you will gain full access to your 11xplay betting account and its features.

11xplay com login form

The 11xplay sports betting platform offers a seamless user experience, allowing you to browse through various cricket betting markets easily. Whether you’re looking to bet on international tournaments like the ICC World Cup or domestic leagues like the IPL, provides a comprehensive and secure online betting platform to enhance your betting experience.

How To Deposit/Withdraw Payment From Your 11xplay Betting Account?

Managing your funds on is streamlined and user-friendly, with various options for depositing and withdrawing money to accommodate your betting needs. Whether you’re ready to place a bet or collect your winnings, the 11xplay online betting platform ensures a smooth financial transaction process.

Deposit Methods: Multiple convenient options including Net-Banking, E-Wallets, and UPI.

Instant Withdrawal Availability: Instant withdraw your winnings any time with 24/7 support.

Currency: Transactions are seamlessly handled in Indian Rupees.

Transaction Limits: Set minimum and maximum limits for deposits and withdrawals.

Speed: Efficient processing times with deposits being credited within 24 hours.

Here’s a quick glance at the transaction details:

Transaction Type


Minimum Deposit

Rs. 150

Maximum Deposit 

Rs. 1,00,000 per transaction

Minimum Withdrawal

Rs 1,000 

Maximum Withdrawal

Rs. 1,00,000 per transaction

Cash-Out Availability

Instant & 24 Hours

With, experience the convenience of tailored financial transactions that let you focus more on your betting strategies and less on managing funds. Start betting today and enjoy a seamless financial journey!

How To Bet Using 11xplay Cricket Betting ID and Password?

Having explored the methods for depositing and withdrawing funds on, let’s now focus on how to place wagers using your cricket betting account.

  1. To begin, navigate the user-friendly interface of the 11xplay betting website or 11xplay mobile app to locate cricket events. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from a variety of matches and betting options.
  2. Select the type of bet you are interested in, such as the match winner, and then pick the specific match or event you wish to bet on.
  3. The process is very simple: enter your stake amount, which must be at least INR 150 to meet the minimum bet requirement. Once you’ve entered your stake, confirm your bet to finalize the wager.

It’s essential to understand and review your bet slip carefully. This slip will detail your chosen bet, the potential payout, and the terms associated with the wager.

After confirming, your bet will be active, and its status can be tracked in your personal dashboard. Engage with the excitement of live cricket betting and enjoy a dynamic, secure betting experience on

11xplay Cricket and Casino Betting Platform: An Overview , an online betting company, specializes in offering comprehensive cricket betting options, making it a preferred choice for Indian bettors. Launched in 2022 by the reputable Reddy Anna Book, 11xplay has quickly amassed a significant user base, boasting 17.10 lakh active users who enjoy its dynamic and reliable betting environment.

The 11xplay wagering platform caters specifically to the Indian market, providing a tailored betting experience with a focus on popular cricket formats such as Test Cricket, One Day International Cricket, and Twenty20 International Cricket. stands out due to its extensive coverage of both international and domestic cricket leagues, including the IPL, BBL, BPL, and PSL etc, ensuring that bettors have access to a wide array of matches and betting markets.

The 11xplay betting website is designed to be user-friendly, allowing easy navigation and quick access to various betting options. This, combined with competitive odds and the promise of a secure online gambling atmosphere, ensures that 11xplay remains the top choice for Indian cricket enthusiasts looking to place wagers, engage with matches, and enjoy a comprehensive cricket betting experience.

Advantages of 11xplay Cricket Betting ID

At 11xplay online betting platform, we offer a range of enticing promotions and bonuses tailored specifically for our cricket enthusiasts, ensuring an exhilarating betting experience with added value. 11xplay betting website offers competitive odds and high payouts, allowing bettors to maximize their returns on each wager.

Moreover, our extensive cricket betting markets and live streaming options provide a comprehensive and engaging live betting environment, catering to all your cricket betting needs.

Promotional Deals and Bonuses on 11xplay

Why not kick off your cricket betting adventure with 11xPlay’s enticing promotional offers and bonuses?

At 11xPlay wagering platform, new bettors are greeted with an exciting Welcome Bonus, offering a 200% match on every new signup, effectively doubling your initial deposit to enhance your betting power right from the start. Moreover, each second deposit earns a 20% bonus, ensuring that your betting journey continues with added value.

To further sweeten the pot, 11xPlay offers weekly and monthly Free Bets up to 25,000 Indian Rupees, allowing bettors to place risk-free wagers on their favorite cricket matches. This feature not only maximizes your chances of winning but also lets you explore diverse betting markets without the initial risk. These promotions are designed to give both novice and seasoned bettors an edge, providing more opportunities to win and a greater sense of security.

11xplay bonus and offers

Engaging with means more than just placing bets; it’s about receiving continuous value through each phase of your betting experience. With these generous bonuses and promotions, 11xPlay places itself as a top choice for cricket enthusiasts looking to maximize their betting potential and enjoy a thrilling sports betting adventure.

Competitive Cricket Odds and High Payouts for Betting on offers competitive odds and high payouts, ensuring that cricket betting enthusiasts can maximize their potential winnings. This robust 11xplay betting platform is designed for those who seek not only to enjoy the game but to profit significantly from their insights and predictions. The odds provided are consistently competitive, giving bettors the edge they need to make informed and lucrative decisions.

The advantage of higher payout odds means that when you do win, your returns are substantially greater than with less favorable odds. This is particularly appealing for seasoned bettors or punters who understand the nuances of the game and can leverage this knowledge into substantial financial gains.

At Indian betting website, whether you prefer fractional, decimal, or moneyline formats, the site accommodates various betting preferences, enhancing the betting experience.

Moreover, the 11xplay site’s commitment to offering these attractive odds and payouts is backed by a secure and reliable betting environment. This ensures that every transaction is protected, and bettors can focus solely on their betting strategies without concerns over the safety of their funds.

For cricket lovers looking to turn their passion into profits, stands out as a premier choice, promising not just fun but a real chance at financial success.

Varied Selection of Cricket Betting Opportunities:

Building on its reputation for competitive odds and high payouts, 11xplay also offers a diverse range of cricket betting options that cater to enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or a newcomer to the sport, 11xplay sports betting booker website provides a comprehensive platform that enhances your betting experience with various engaging features.

The range of bets available ensures that every bettor can find something to suit their interests and strategies, from the casual bettor looking for straightforward match winners to the strategic thinker engaging with more complex proposition bets.

Features and benefits of the 11xplay cricket betting ID include:

Diverse Betting Options: From match winners to prop bets, all types of cricket bets are available.

Live Betting: Engage with the game as it unfolds and place bets on live cricket matches.

Competitive Odds: Ensures better returns on your bets, increasing the thrill of betting.

User-Friendly Interface: Easy navigation and intuitive design make the betting process straightforward and enjoyable.

Secure and Reliable: Ensures that all betting activities are safe, with secure transactions and data protection.

These features combine to provide a robust betting experience that caters to the needs and preferences of all cricket fans.

Comprehensive Cricket Event Coverage with Versatile Wagering Options

11xplay Cricket Betting ID offers extensive match coverage and a wide array of wagering options across various cricket formats and leagues, ensuring a comprehensive betting experience for all users. From international championships like the ICC World Cup to domestic leagues such as the Indian Premier League, the 11xplay betting platform caters to all levels of cricket enthusiasm. The diversity of betting markets available allows users to engage with the game on multiple levels, whether they prefer straightforward match winners or more complex prop bets.

The inclusion of live betting features enhances the thrill, enabling bettors to make decisions in real-time as the match unfolds. This dynamic aspect of 11xplay ensures that bettors are constantly engaged and can adjust their strategies based on live match data.

Here’s a quick overview of what 11xplay offers:




Live Betting

Bet on matches as they happen

Enhances engagement and decision-making

Diverse Markets

Options from match winner to detailed prop bets 

Cater to all user preferences

Comprehensive Coverage

From ICC events to local leagues 

Wide-ranging betting opportunities

11xplay sportsbook not only promises excitement but also provides an online platform that is comprehensive and user-friendly, perfect for both seasoned bettors and newcomers.

Explore Cricket Betting Options with Demo ID

Exploring the Demo Cricket Betting ID reveals a host of features designed for both new and experienced bettors to practice their strategies without financial risk. This trial betting account allows bettors to engage with the platform and learn the ins and outs of various betting markets and options, all without the use of real money. Aimed primarily at users who are 18 years or older, the Demo ID serves educational purposes, offering a safe and controlled environment for bettors to enhance their betting skills.

The Demo ID at is particularly beneficial for those new to cricket betting. It provides a hands-on experience where bettors can experiment with different types of bets and learn how odds work in real-time scenarios.

Moreover, the 11xplay online betting platform includes features such as virtual matches and temporary betting settings, which mimic real-world betting environments. This practical approach helps in building confidence and decision-making skills among bettors before they transition to real-money betting.

Equipped with comprehensive tutorials and user-friendly interfaces the 11xplay Demo ID not only educates but also engages bettors, making the learning process both informative and enjoyable. This ensures a thorough understanding of the nuances of sports betting, preparing bettors for more serious wagering endeavors.

Safe and Secure Wagering Account:

A secure betting account, such as the 11xplay Cricket Betting ID, offers distinct advantages including robust security measures and reliable customer support, ensuring a trustworthy environment for all bettors. This 11xplay sports and casino gambling platform prioritizes the protection of user data with advanced encryption technology and continuous monitoring to prevent unauthorized access and ensure data integrity.

The availability of a 24/7 available dedicated customer support team enhances user confidence, providing prompt assistance for any queries or concerns, fostering a supportive betting environment. Moreover, 11xplay implements strict verification processes that adhere to regulatory standards, contributing to its reputation as a reliable bookmaker in India.

This commitment to compliance not only protects the 11xplay platform from potential legal issues but also assures bettors that they are engaging in fair and legal betting activities. The secure betting account feature enhances user experience by offering a seamless, safe, and enjoyable online betting journey, free from the worries of potential security breaches.

With 11xplay, bettors can enjoy their betting experience with peace of mind, knowing that their investments are safe and their personal information is protected, making it an ideal choice for both novice and experienced punters looking for a secure online betting platform.

Secure Payment Solutions at 11xplay

Understanding the range of reliable payment methods available on the 11xplay bookie platform is crucial for seamless and secure transactions. Bettors can enjoy the convenience of multiple payment options, ensuring they can deposit and withdraw funds effortlessly. These 15+ payment methods support quick transactions, enhancing the betting experience by allowing bettors to focus more on the game and less on the logistics of funds management.

Here’s a detailed look at the payment methods offered:

Payment Method








Paytm, Jio Money, etc.



Google Pay, Phone Pe, etc.

These deposit and cash-out methods are integrated into the 11xplat betting platform to provide a user-friendly experience, catering to the needs of Indian punters. The 24-hour deposit and 24/7 withdrawal options underscore 11xplay bookie platform’s commitment to providing continuous service, ensuring that users can manage their funds at their convenience. This flexibility not only enhances user satisfaction but also bolsters the platform’s reputation for reliability and user-centric service.

Tailored Customer Helplines To Address Any Query or Issue Related To Cricket Betting ID

11xplay’s dedicated customer support consistently delivers exceptional assistance, ensuring every player’s betting experience is smooth and enjoyable. With a 24/7 comprehensive support system, 11xplay offers a range of contact methods including WhatsApp, email, and telephone, enabling swift and efficient resolution of any issues or queries. This accessibility ensures that players can enjoy their betting experience without unnecessary disruptions.

The 11xplay customer support team is multilingual Hindi, English and Urdu, available 24/7, and is known for its proactive, empathetic, and professional approach. This level of dedication not only enhances bettor satisfaction but also builds trust and loyalty among the platform’s users.

11xplay whatsapp number

Here’s a quick overview of the key aspects of 11xplay’s customer support:




24/7 Availability

Support is available around the clock

Ensures help is always at hand

Multilingual Support

Services offered in multiple languages

Ensures help is always at hand

Multiple Contact Methods

Options include Email, WhatsApp, and Phone. 

Convenient and flexible contact.

This robust 11xplay member support system underscores the commitment to providing a seamless and supportive betting environment, contributing significantly to the overall positive experience of its users.

Streamlined Cricket Betting Experience on 11xplay Betting App

Harnessing the power of technology, the 11xplay Betting App offers a streamlined and intuitive platform for cricket enthusiasts to place their bets effortlessly. This 11xplay mobile application, available for both Android and iOS devices, transforms your betting experience with its user-friendly interface, ensuring that even newcomers can navigate through options with ease

Whether you prefer betting on the Indian Premier League, the Ashes Series, or the ICC World Cup, the app covers a wide array of cricket events worldwide.

The 11xplay mobile betting app’s significant features include in-play betting, where you can wager on matches as they unfold, and the cash-out option, which allows you to secure profits or minimize losses before the match concludes. Additionally, the app supports a variety of payment methods, making deposits and withdrawals seamless and hassle-free.

Safety is the top most concern, and the 11xplay Betting App ensures a secure betting environment with advanced encryption technologies to protect user data and transactions. With real-time updates and in-play statistics, bettors can make informed decisions, enhancing their chances of winning.

The 11xplay mobile betting app not only prioritizes convenience but also promotes responsible gambling, providing a reliable and enjoyable betting journey for all bettors.

Suggestions for Secure and Careful Betting to Reduce Losses in Cricket Betting

Frequently, the key to minimizing losses in cricket betting lies in adopting a disciplined and well-informed approach to wagering. It’s crucial to set a budget and strictly adhere to it, ensuring that betting remains a leisure activity and does not impact your financial stability. Educating yourself about the game, understanding betting odds, and analyzing player and team statistics can significantly enhance your betting decisions.

Selecting a secure and reliable betting platform like 11xplay is paramount. Here, you not only get access to a vast array of cricket markets but also benefit from features like live betting and competitive odds. This enhances your ability to make informed bets in real-time, increasing your chances of winning.

Moreover, always consider the less predictable factors such as pitch conditions, weather, and player injuries, which can affect the outcome of the game. Engaging in forums and discussions can provide insights and tips from experienced betters, enriching your betting strategy.

Responsible gambling should be your priority. 11xplay betting platform supports this through features like self-exclusion and setting deposit limits, protecting you from the risks of excessive betting. Remember, informed and mindful betting is the best way to enjoy the cricket season and possibly increase your earnings without significant risk.

Most Asked Questions:

Can I Update My Personal Information After Registration?

Yes, you can update your personal information after registration. Most platforms allow users to modify details such as address and phone number through their account settings or by contacting customer support.

What Should I Do if I Forget My 11xplay Login Password?

If you forget your 11xplay login password, initiate the password recovery process on the official website. Typically, this involves verifying your identity through your registered email or phone number to securely reset your password.

Are There Any Betting Limits Specific to Cricket Matches?

Yes, betting limits for cricket matches vary by platform and can be influenced by factors such as match significance, betting market, and individual bettor history. Check the specific 11xplay platform’s terms for detailed information.

How Can I Access 11xplay Customer Support for Account Issues?

To access 11xplay customer support for betting account issues, navigate contact us page and choose appropriate method to contact with support team.

Are Live Cricket Matches Streamed Directly on 11xplay?

No, 11xPlay does not stream live cricket matches directly. Users can follow live updates and place in-play bets, but for live streaming, they must access other platforms that hold broadcasting rights.

My Final Thoughts on 11xplay Cricket Betting ID and Password:

In conclusion, the 11xplay sports betting platform offers an exceptional opportunity for cricket betting enthusiasts to engage in a secure and user-friendly environment. With features like live broadcasts and the cash-out option, coupled with competitive odds, 11xplay enhances the betting experience.

A notable statistic reveals that 85% of users report improved betting outcomes due to the real-time data and analytics provided. Embrace the future of cricket betting with 11xplay, where technology meets excitement and security.

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